The best kitesurfing spot in the world

Kitesurfing in kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is one of the most popular places in the world for kite surfing. The lagoon is great for beginners and advanced riders alike and we provide courses for all levels from beginner lessons to advanced coaching. With recognized IKO instructors and with many years of experience, in our kite school you will learn kitesurfing in an easy, safe and enjoyable way.

Dolphin & whale watching

A dolphin and whale watching boat ride into the ocean is a must if you are in Kalpitiya. Watching the delightful dolphins diving under your boat, twirling and leaping out of the water is truly an unforgettable experience. During certain times of the year, the killer whales and the sperm whales are also seen gliding through the waters of this area.

The biggest national park in Sri Lanka

Wildsafari at Wilpattu

Experience the glory of the untamed wildlife at the largest and oldest National Park in Sri Lanka. The specialty of this safari is instead of approaching the entrance from the mainland we will take you to the shore front of the Wilpattu by boat through the lagoon. Thereafter proceed to the entrance where you will meet our safari jeep to go on an adventurous jeep safari.

Lagoon Boat Trips

This tour takes you on an exciting adventure exploring the Kalpitiya lagoon by boat. Learn about the history of Kalpitiya and its wildlife. For the nature lovers young and old the time spent on the boat will give a delightful surprise of the marine life in the lagoon. Explore the historical sites alongside the lagoon and visit the famous local sight, the Giant Baobab tree.

Snorkeling & scuba diving

The “Bar Reef” is the largest coral reef in Sri Lanka and has the greatest biodiversity of any coral reef in the waters around India. It serves as the ideal location for keen scuba divers and snorkelers. The beautiful reef is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish, moray eels, octopus, stingrays and sea turtles.

Fun fishing

We also arrange fun fishing trips in the rich waters of Kalpitiya. Our experienced fishermen will guide to the best spots and show you how it’s done in the local style. Your freshly caught, prized catch can be prepared by our Chef just the way you like it.


If you are a serious bird watching lover Kalpitiya lagoon is the perfect place for you. The scenic lagoon and the small islands in Kalpitiya provide as habitats for a large assortment of resident and migrant birds that had made this their home. This tour will take you on an exciting adventure exploring various bird species and observe their behavior in their natural habitat.

Explore the city

For those who wish to explore the land around them, a visit can be made to the small, nearby town of Kalpitiya. Called Calpentyn by the Dutch, who established it as an important fortified trading port, it’s now a vibrant and unspoiled fishing town with an interesting mix of historical buildings from its eventful colonial past. The Dutch Fort and the Dutch Reformed Church are not to be missed when you’re in Kalpitiya.


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