Work near the best kitesurfing spot in the world

Coworking in Kalpitiya

Atara Lagoon Resort is a coworking space
that offers our members a collaborative and engaging work environment
to shares resources and ideas

Fast internet

With speeds of 25 to 75 Mbit, we have one of the highest internet speeds in town. The internet covers the whole resort, and with 3 separate WiFi networks the internet almost never goes down completely.

Many places to work from

We don’t have a dedicated co-working space as of yet, but we’ll make sure you have a nice space to work from. Firstly, you can work from the little office in the front of the resort: a very convenient space to work from. Secondly, there’s the main dining area where you can also enjoy some amazing food and drinks. Last but not least we can put a desk in your room so you can just work from there.

Healthy food

While working you can enjoy our amazing foods and drinks at your service.

Friendly staff

Our staff will make you feel right at home from the start, and make sure you'll have everything you need.


111 Anawasala Road
Kalpitiya 61360
Sri Lanka


+94 77 313 8046
+94 77 950 2278


+94 77 313 8046

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